Artist Statement

I create oil and acrylic paintings and graphite pencil drawings. My pieces are influenced by myself, the human figure, and the ways that color and light work together. I use myself as an inspiration to create a relationship between me, the viewer, and the artwork. This connection has always been something I want to achieve in my work, as it allows the viewer to create their own interpretation, like in pieces by Frida Kahlo. I don't always have a specific direction when painting, but starting each piece is something exciting and new, as an experiment with this light and color relationship. 

The processes of the painting and drawing practice and watching the different ways artistic elements create form is why I paint. Light is what I observe most when looking around at objects and figures in real life. It can transform a subject in seconds, and I strive to capture the sense of atmosphere it provides. The idea that any artistic choice can be made to perfect a piece, is a thought present in the process of my work.

I learn and develop something new every day when creating. With my current discovery of ink and watercolor, I have realized how much the fresh knowledge of art is a motivation to keep working and learning. We as artists are working with archaic methods that have been passed down for centuries, and it’s exciting that it is still possible to create revelations. 

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